School finally reopened..

school reopen!!

glad to see my schoolmates once again! drove to school for the pass few days! normally take 1 hour to reach school from home but now it takes me 15 minutes only to drive to school! Modules are very complicated..but manageable i guess!

Monday went to Bali street to get some Halloween costumes for Elfa. saw some very good looking ones but when i was going to pay, the person told me that they only do rental .. i was like -.-Β  why never say earlier.. so went home disappointed! SORRY ELFA!

Finally i am recovering at lighting speed! hope i will be able to train soon!

goodnight people!


with love


~ by Douglas Park on October 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “School finally reopened..”

  1. hi doug im here ! hahha you drive super steady lah. good one !

  2. eh poot, update leh!miss you (:

  3. update!

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