My lovely trip to europe

new year, a new beginning! back from the exotic Europe! life is so much better when we as a family travel together! but it’s always so hard to part. Always we have tears in our eyes cause we are that close and we can’t bear to leave each other! My family has been there for me. No matter if its studies, relationship, personal problems, they are there to pick me up when i fall and wants me to stand up again and keep moving. So people out there who are reading my blog, treasure your family when they are there with you! yes they may throw tantrums at you, but try tolerating and maybe solve it nicely. use ways to express it that wont hurt them inside! alright, that’s all for now! posting my lovely photos after i edit them! give me a week and they will be up here i promise!

nitez & mornin for now!


~ by Douglas Park on January 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “My lovely trip to europe”

  1. use ways to express it that wont hurt them inside! (very well said bro!)

    anyway sp many pics we took, don’t tire yourself. just edit and post the nicer ones! πŸ™‚ for now, jiayou!

  2. haha well said ah? thx deh! school starting soon?wish you all the best for ur studies when school reopens!

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