Day 1 & 2, Luzern ( switzerland )

Day 1 & 2, Luzern! Bro didnt join us for the first day, he was delayed due to the bad weather in USA! Luzern is my first stop in that trip but it was already an eyeopener ! Hope u enjoy the pictures =D

Next stop, Austria!


~ by Douglas Park on January 20, 2010.

9 Responses to “Day 1 & 2, Luzern ( switzerland )”

  1. NICE PICTURES. well done with the editing..i like #1 2 6 and 7. especially 7!

  2. haha thx! 7 is my favourite too!

  3. Wah, you took pics with Jack Neo!

  4. Is Jack Neo’s hair real or is he wearing a wig?

  5. cool or what your pics!!

  6. your picture editing power!i like the car one, the angle very nice, like professional like that!

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