Macau / Zhu hai / Hong Kong

MACAU!! back to his Fun & Lovely country! This time round, the weather is fantastic.

Windy & chilly =D

Run 10km also won’t sweat! The food in Macau and Zhu Hai is sensational!

Seafood is so cheap!! the TAI PAI DONG too! CHEAP & GOOD!

Went to the famous MARGARET’S to get Tarts for my lovely Chefs & Staffs!

My forever 37 years old mum ^^

ZHU HAI! The seafood paradise starts from here =)

My flight was canceled! The dense fog was so bad that the plane couldn’t land so it changes it’s route to Hongkong..there for i have to travel to Hongkong alone for my flight! it was a great experience and i learnt alot of stuff! =D

love ❤ Macau! i am coming back soon!


~ by Douglas Park on March 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Macau / Zhu hai / Hong Kong”

  1. nice pictures! samm and i been on the bridge! 🙂

  2. =) nice nice!! more updates will be up!

  3. Wah, Zhuhai really so sumptious ah!! I miss gg there when I was in Macau. I gotto check that place out soon again!

  4. LOL can plan next year! i dun mind =D

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