The Perfect Getaway!

Its been so long…really long…since i last really take a break or relax..

This place is the best place to hang out in singapore!

I never felt so good in singapore before!

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park @ 57th


~ by Douglas Park on July 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Perfect Getaway!”

  1. Woot damn nice! How much did u spend ?

  2. hahah yeah damn nice! spent $0 haha! we have access to it! haha

  3. WOAHHHH ey how come the glass panel like stop halfway only.

  4. its see through one! nothing is covering it! NICE RIGHT? tmr u meeting us anot??

  5. YES NICE HAHAHA. Ey never meet leh but steamboat soon kay! 😀

  6. hahhahaah! u la! always not free lei!! hahaha yeap yeap!! soon ba!

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