it’s been quite awhile since i last visited johor!

Both Huai Chee & Tian He lives there but they are my classmates in NYP.

Jzehue & I head there by public transport and to my surprise, it is actually quite convenient!

Our plan was to eat and after eating we eat and after that we eat again!

First stop was BAK KUT TEH!! really awesome, i have been there before but with these eaters around me, it made the food much more tasty! After lunch, head back to citysquare to do some shopping and got myself a pair or pants.

After shopping, our stomach went crazy again and we head to a dessert store near Huai Chee’s & Tian He’s secondary school for a bowl of taiwan ice kachang! really awesome bowl of surprise.

Dessert was great but weather wasn’t on our side, so we head to their secondary school for shelter! tour the classrooms and they are DAMN SCARY!!!

After that, went to do somemore shopping and a nearby mall and went to bowl! though we look stupid there but everyone had a great time cleaning the drains.


Went to DA MA hawker to eat BBQ seafood!

let the pictures do the talking =) don’t drool infront of your computer!

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~ by Douglas Park on October 24, 2010.

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