Happy New Year to everyone!

2011 is going to be a really exciting year for me. Graduation in a couple of months! Finally Poly life is going end..I would say i enjoyed my life in Nanyang Poly. Frisbee has been a part of me ever since i joined 3 years ago. Great achievements but alot of sacrifice as well. Though Electronics Engineering is definitely not what i want to do but i managed to complete the diploma which is still an achievement! I have been planning about my future and things that i want to do!

First of all, Culinary Institution of America is where i want to go! that’s for sure! Now,the since they set up a Singapore Site, i would say its rather fated for me! Well..what i am studying now totally conflict with CIA..which i am so damn worried about not getting into the school! Application starts 1st of feb and i am very very nervous..In fact my application form is already all filled up!

Dream of going to CIA isn’t impossible but its going to be very difficult. First i need to get shortlisted!!

Dream of becoming a chef is coming true~

Dream of becoming a restaurant owner..maybe 10 years down the road!

Therefore guys, I always tell my friends! Do what u like to do and u will do well in it!

Go with your passion and not for the sake of doing it!


Secondly, National Service!

Its coming my way and i got to say, i am looking forward to it!

Though its kind of nervous as well but still I WANT TO SERVE THE NATION!

butSingapore, ur ERP nonsense is still  ridiculous..



Going to Taiwan with my bestbrobuddy, Wei hao.

We have travelled together before but this is the first time we are on our own! Very excited about the trip! Thanks the Neil Wade whom i really admire! His photography is just genius and work of art! One of the reason why i want to go Taiwan because of photography! Neil’s pictures of Taiwan are really inspiring!

Thats all for now! Enjoy some photos of how i celebrated my new year!

Did some random cooking!

No salad spinner so no choice..use tea-tower to dry them =)




Crazy Peeps!


~ by Douglas Park on January 12, 2011.

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