My journey ended..

Always wanted to become an officer.

Seems like everything is over now..

“It’s only 2 years, no need to work so hard, it’s ok to out of course.”

“You can always recourse”

“Not signing on, won’t matter much”

These are those things that I’ve been hearing for the past few days..

Putting that usual smile on my face and nod my head but no one knows how much I wanted it.

Giving my very best for the past 2 months in OCS and under this unfortunate circumstance..I am officially out..

Dreamt about standing in that parade square with my friends, section mates, platoon mate, my instructors and last but not least my buddy..

Last few days when he knows I was going to OOC, totally quiet..not the usual self and I was really depressed.

Told me no matter what, he was always behind my back

Everyone came to me and told me, ” YOU MUST STAY NO MATTER WHAT! “

Anyways, I still want to thank those people whom have given me support especially LT VANGA and my buddy.

“Even tho you are not here with us, but I now have another motivation and reason to commission and that’s you bro! Love you man” by Garrett chew while squatting on toilet bowl.

Garrett i know it’s hard for you, letting you know what happened on your birthday.

I am still glad that I was once a Bravo warrior, once from platoon 3 and once your buddy.

My journey might have ended but those wonderful and colourful memories will always be with me.

New beginnings await me!

Signing off..



~ by Douglas Park on November 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “My journey ended..”

  1. Very touching and glad u have sorted out your thoughts.

  2. You already done us proud.

  3. =)

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