Happy 24th birthday brother!!

This is one of our very few photos that we took together! It’s been a 4 good years since we knew each other.This friendship..maybe not friendship, this brotherhood that we share between us is something I treasure so much. The hardship that we been through during our poly days, the brothers talk at night, the karaoke sessions and those stay overs..These are  wonderful memories that we have and i promise that it will not stop here. We have many great years to go. Without your help and your guidance, I wouldn’t be the Douglas I am today. You have always been a brother to me and forever will be. Never will I regret knowing you, never will I forget you. I know, China is your home and you will return sooner or later but bro, for the time being, let us enjoy the upcoming days while you are still in singapore. I promised you before to travel back with you to china, it will definitely happen. I have yet to meet uncle and auntie! Take good care of yourself brother and I will see you this coming Friday for your party!


~ by Douglas Park on August 22, 2012.

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