The beginning of my journey

First of all, for those who don’t know yet, 3+1 is now officially opened! We are running our 4th month!
A cozy Chinese fusion restaurant serving unique dishes at a reasonable price! OK..maybe I should stop advertising..
But do check out our website for more information.

Sincere apologies to my friends and family if you have not hear from me all these while..
Ever since my restaurant is opened, I barely have time for myself.
Have to get things on the right track here before anything else! So, kindly bare with me for just a lil bit more!
You can always come down to 3+1 to see me and enjoy a sumptuous meal with me!
I am coming up with a package called, DINE IN WITH BOSS WHEN YOU MISS HIM package.
So for those who wants to see me badly, call 62220031 or my HP to make reservations~

This restaurant is my first and will be the first of many, I promise!
Being in this industry is not easy, the long hours, the amount of hard work and effort..
It’s really not easy.
But the one thing that is pushing me on is PASSION!
Never underestimate passion, it can bring you far and I believe she will bring me to a great future!

For all those who are wondering..
What shall I do after i ORD
What shall I do after my studies
Shall I this
Shall I that

STOP!!! Sit down and think about what you are good at.
Sit down and find out what you are truly passionate about.
You have to plan
Because I believed, If you are doing something you like, you will do well in it and eventually you will be successful!

All the best!


~ by Douglas Park on May 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “The beginning of my journey”

  1. Restaurant is the hardest to start set up and let it run. I understand how much time and effort you got to go true and yes, passion is the one and only person who could lead us through. Respect bro!

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