The Alce Nero Cook Off!

Over the weekend, I was invited by GushCloud
to participate in The Alce Nero Blogger’s Cook Off!
This event was held at Food Playground!
Worried about preparing a candle light dinner or cooking for your family?
This is it! Food playground, where you can cook and have fun at the same time!
The name of thos place already tells you how fun it will be!
As a chef myself, I totally enjoyed my time here.
Best of all, I don’t have to do it in a HOT AND STUFFY kitchen.
This hearty playground is located at 4A Craig Road, Singapore, Singapore 089664

First off, we have cheerful Lena giving us a warm welcome!

Mr Style King needed some help there! What are teammates for right!
Rena, Cynthia and Mrstyleking were my teammates of the day.


When we go to supermarkets nowadays, we are always confused of
which brand to buy, even for the sauces and olive oils.
Alce Nero, 100% Organic. Healthy yet tasty. For this bloggers cook off,
all the main ingredients we used were from Alce nero.
Personally, I thought they were pretty good.
I know some of you might think that organic
food products might turn out to be less tasty but to my surprise,
they were pretty delicious. Highly recommend it!

This is Noi, our friendly and helpful teacher of the day!

Noi, showing us how to make the pizza base.

It’s our turn! Let’s get into it now!

Who knew that we could use laksa leaves to make pesto!

My team’s laksa pesto spaghetti.


Tuna & sundried tomatoes pizza

organic ingredients Singapore

As most of you know that I have been doing Chinese food for quite awhile now.
Pizza and spaghetti might sound like a stranger to me. We just wanted to have fun
and enjoy this session but to our surprise…
We came in 1st!

It was an honour to meet all the food bloggers and it was a great experience for me!
Definitely will be back for more if I get the chance to! Looking forward to more
events like this! 3 Cheers for the organizers for putting in so much effort for this!

Signing off
P.S Culinary is not chemistry, it is an art.

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~ by Douglas Park on November 12, 2013.

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