Dining Experience @ Oasis Restaurant, Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Oasis Restaurant, located by the poolside of Grand Hyatt Singapore.
As most of you know, Hyatt’s restaurant are mostly open concept kitchens.
Oasis Restaurant features BBQ and again, they are a open concept restaurant.
While having a good time with your family and friends, you can experience
some culinary skills from the chefs as well!

Lets move on to the food,

Grilled Lamb Rib with garlic rosemary, mustard and onion marmalade $30
Presentation: 6/10
Quality of ingredients: 7/10
Taste: 7.5/10
When this dish was first served to me, it wasn’t appealing.
But to my surprise, the taste of the ribs were good. They were grilled well and seasoning was just nice.
For the price I am paying for, I think its worth it.
Chargrilled Portobello mushroom chicken burger $28
Presentation: 7/10
Quality of ingredients: 7/10
Taste: 7.5/10
A unique way of doing a burger! Mushrooms were done perfectly.
The mushrooms were juicy and combinations of the ingredients were executed well.
A healthier option from the menu.

Tips and advice: If you have kids with you, bring insect repellent to fight to mossies.
If you don’t have it, ask the servers or manager for it.
Overall I think their service is really good and ambience wise, its perfect for a chillout at night!


~ by Douglas Park on November 15, 2013.

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